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CCL Announces Return to Play

By admin, 08/15/20, 12:00AM EDT


Dear CCL Family,

Please click here to read the CCL’s Return to Play Best Practices & Recommendations.

A few important items to address and communicate when reviewing or disseminating the CCL’s Return to Play Best Practices and Recommendations:

  1. These best practices and recommendations do not supersede or replace any applicable local, state, regional or federal health guidelines or requirements, which should be adhered to by all clubs and club members.  Equally, these recommendations do not replace any club’s protocols and should aid in a club having a successful matchday experience.
  1. Directors and their members must respect the hosting club’s protocols.  However, if a traveling club’s protocols are stricter than the hosting club, the traveling club will still respect the hosting club’s protocols and layer in any of their (traveling club) required protocols.
  1. We want to play games.  All of our member clubs have expressed the desire to play matchdays only if there are club and league protocols that are respected and followed by all members of all clubs.
  1. Hotspots.  The definition of a “hotspot” has become objective and subjective.  The CCL requires clubs to be data-driven in any decision-making process.  Clubs are to pay attention to COVID-19 numbers in their area and communicate clearly and concisely to the opposing club.  Through this communication, a determination will be made if a matchday will be played or postponed and rescheduled for a future date.
  1. A key pillar of the CCL and what makes our league unique is our Directors ability to communicate regularly.  Director-to-Director communication regarding a club’s COVID-19 protocols will be critical to a successful matchday experience.

Thank you for your attention.

Brian Kuk
Executive Director
Club Champions League, Inc.

CC:  CCL Board of Directors