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USYS League Championship Qualifier

USYS League Championship Pathway
Additional Opportunity to Qualify for the National Championship Series

The Club Champions earned a coveted USYS League Championship Series (LCS) qualifying spot in 2019. 

The USYS LCS provides Club Champions teams participating in league play and/or events participants another pathway to the USYS Eastern Regional Championships.  The USYS League Championship Series is a four-team playoff that pits Club Champions, Long Island Junior Soccer League (LIJSL), Atlantic Premier League (APL), and National Capital Soccer League (NCSL), with the winner receiving a spot in the USYS Eastern Regional Championships.  If teams win the Regional Championships, they advance to the USYS National Championships!

All teams eligible for the USYS League Championships must participate in the MSYSA, VYSA, or WVSA State Cup.

The USYS League Championship pathway is for teams that play in the State Cup or National League that perform well but, for whatever reason, do not qualify.  USYS League Championship member leagues may qualify teams to participate in the Playoff how they best see fit.  For example, this could be an age group/gender league winner or a play-in match versus two or more teams that want to pursue the USYS League Championship pathway.

Club Champions continues offering quality competitive league and event experiences at reasonable costs while offering another opportunity [beyond State Cup] to advance to the USYS Eastern Regional Championships.


USYS LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFIER + League Play Qualification and/or Play-in Matches
Games must be played and completed anywhere between January 14 - May 10th

U13-U19, Boys and Girls, winners from each participating league meet for the USYS LCS Playoff. The participating leagues are Club Champions, Long Island Junior Soccer League (LIJSL), National Capital Soccer League (NCSL), and Atlantic Premier League (APL).  Each age group and gender winner moves on to the Eastern Regional Championships.

USYS LCS winners join State Cup winners & USYS National League Conference winners to compete for the USYS Eastern Regional Championship.

The (4) USYS Regional Champions, including the Eastern Regional Champion, compete for the USYS National Championship versus the best teams from the United States (50 states).


DATES:  USYS League Championship (LC) Playoffs
May 17-19, 2024

$800.00 per team

Teams must have participated in the State Cup [VYSA, MSYSA, WVSA] to be eligible to qualify for the USYS League Championship.


Q | What does the Club Champions - USYS League Championship cost?
A | $800.00 per team

Q | What does the $800.00 per team fee cover?
A | This fee covers the league’s basic expense to participate in the USYS League Championship pathway and Playoffs weekend, including field rentals, referees, etc. It also covers the winner’s entry fee to the team's USYS Eastern Regional Championships fee.

Q | How do you choose League Championship Qualifier teams?
A | Teams can qualify for the Club Champions LCS spot through our league play and/or events.  Teams must have also played in the State Cup to be eligible.

Q | Does a team need to play USYS State Cup to be considered?
A | Yes.  Teams that did not participate in the State Cup in the same seasonal year will not be considered for participation.

Q | Can any team apply to the USYS League Championship Qualifier?
A | No.  Teams must have played in Club Champions league play and/or events.

Q | What if my team played State Cup but did not participate in a Club Champions league and/or event?
A | Unfortunately, the team is ineligible to participate in the League Championship Playoff.

Q | When is the deadline to notify Club Champions that a team would like to be eligible for the USYS League Championship Qualifiers?
A | The deadline is November 10.

Q | Is this USYS League Championship Pathway for both boys and girls?
A | Yes, USYS League Championship is inclusive for both boys and girls teams, U13-U19.

Q | What are the roster restrictions during Club Champions and League Championship playoffs?
A | All teams must abide by USYS National Championship rules.  However, teams may use club pass players, and 50% of the state cup roster must be intact.

*If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with Brian Kuk, Club Champions at: